The garage door springs are broken, and I have to open the door. Shall I?

The spring on your garage door should not be opened if it is broken. It is dangerous to attempt to fix a broken garage door. Hire a professional as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may have to face severe damages.

Does Garage Door Repair Wilsonville charge for estimates?

When you need to install a new garage door, we will visit your home and provide you with a free estimate. In the case of garage door repairs, we provide free estimates over the phone. It is not your responsibility to deal with it since the diagnosis is based on your description.

What is the right time for garage door replacement? 

When your garage door is not working well or has completely broken down, you should replace it. A new garage door installation can also increase the aesthetic value of a house. The resale value of a home is increased if the garage door is attractive. To install a new garage door, you must hire professionals.

What are the working hours of Garage Door Repair Wilsonville? 

Garage door services are available around the clock, even in an emergency. You simply need to give us a call. A technician will arrive at your home quickly.

If my garage door opener is broken, can I open it?

An electric door opener usually has a release cord or lever for manual operation.  By disengaging the drive system, you can open the garage door manually. If you are inside the garage, you must disengage the drive system first.

Should I replace both springs if I have a two-spring system? 

Although you don’t need to change them both, you’ll wish you had a month or two later when the other spring break occurs. Most people are unhappy about that, so we usually replace both to satisfy you.

What should I do to tune up my garage door?

The purpose of a garage door tune-up is to extend the life of your garage door and ensure smooth operation. Our trained Dream Garage Door technicians will do the following:

  • Check the springs.
  • Inspect cables.
  • Examine the garage door opener.
  • Lubricate components as necessary.
  • Replace any parts that are in the process of failing.

Maintaining your garage door regularly will prevent costly repairs in the future.

Is it important to regularly maintain my garage door?

Even if you don’t see any issues with your garage door, it still needs to be maintained. Once a year, you should get your garage door serviced or tuned up. We recommend contacting us if you hear a grinding sound when the door opens or closes. At Garage Door Repair Wilsonville, we provide quality garage door repair services. We are known for providing exceptional services.

How long does a garage door opener last?

An average garage door opener lasts between 10 and 15 years. A yearly garage door maintenance can extend the life of your door. There may be a problem reducing the lifespan of your garage door if it is making noises. 

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